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Culhane Aviation Training Manuals


Helicopter Publications and Combinations
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FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook

FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook

This is the FAA's primary resource for helicopters operations knowledge and includes helicopter aerodynamics, flight controls, systems, performance, ground procedures, basic and advanced flight manoeuvres, emergencies, attitude instrument flying, night operations and aeronautical decision making.

Retail Price: $49.95 CDN



FAA Helicopter Instructor's Handbook

FAA Helicopter Instructors Handbook

This text covers in depth helicopter theory and training operations for helicopter flight instructors.

Retail Price: $29.95 CDN



FAA Rotorcraft Flying Handbook

FAA Helicopter Handbook

Contains very useful operational information for basic rotorcraft aerodynamics, rotary wing theory of flight and rotorcraft flying techniques and manoeuvres, written by the US FAA. Covers both helicopters and gyroplanes.

Retail Price: $29.95 CDN (ONE COPY AVAILABLE ONLY)



Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots by Greg Whyte

Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots

Contains a series of detailed case studies of helicopter accidents. A fascinating and highly educational read.

Retail Price: $89.95 CDN



Helicopter Maneuvers Manual, by Ryan Dale/ASA

Helicopter Maneuvers Manual

A step by step illustrated guide to performing helicopter maneuvers such as ground operations (e.g. surface taxi, hover taxi), basic maneuvers (turns, climbs descents etc.), airport operations, performance operations, off airport operations and emergency operations. Well illustrated throughout. 95 pages, spiral bound.

Retail Price: $49.95 CDN



Principles of Helicopter Flight by W. J. Wagtendonk, 2nd Ed.

Severe Weather Flying

A very well written and thorough textbook covering rotary wing theory of flight.

Retail Price: $49.95 CDN




Rotary Wing Flight

Rotary Wing Flight

Sourced from US Army Field Manual this useful reference contains good material covering helicopter aerodynamics, common helicopter flight techniques and flight precautions. ASA reprint.




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