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Flight Computers


ASA CX-3 Electronic Flight Computer

ASA CX3 Flight Computer

While we accept that having an E6B as a "back up" in case your batteries go dead on your electronic flight computer is a good idea, when it comes to making standard, day to day flight calculations, we recommend that every pilot use an electronic flight computer as their primary flight computer. ASA's CX-3 electronic flight computer is a well designed modern electronic flight computer that is far easier to use than a standard E6B and is perfectly suited for completion of standard and advanced flight calculations. User "screen prompts" greatly simplify data entry for various calculations that also reduce user error and enhance accuracy. Not only is the time needed to make calculations much faster than with a manual flight computer, advanced calculations such as Actual TAS are far easier since the CX-3 automatically compensates for high speed temperature rise and compressibility error. The CX-3 electronic flight computer is fully approved by Transport Canada for use on all Canadian aviation exams.

Retail Price: $249.95 CDN



ASA Metal E6B - Standard

ASA Standard Metal E6B

Standard metal E6B designed for low speed (under 250 kts) flight calculations. Optional high speed slide can be purchased separately for high speed caculations.

Retail Price: $59.95 CDN


ASA High Speed Slide

ASA Standard Metal E6B

High speed slide for use with ASA metal E6B flight computers for high speed calculations (above 250 kts).

Retail Price: $14.95 CDN


ASA Metal E6B - Colour

ASA Colour Metal E6B

Metal E6B by ASA with blue outer ring designed for low speed (under 250 kts) flight calculations. Optional high speed slide can be purchased separately for high speed calculations.

Retail Price: $69.95 CDN


ASA Paper E6B

ASA Standard Metal E6B

This paper E6B by ASA is a low cost, student flight computer that is perfect for standard low speed (under 250 kts) flight calculations in standard light training aircraft.

Retail Price: $29.95 CDN


ASA Metal E6B - Micro

ASA Micro Metal E6B

ASA Micro Metal E6B (approx. 6" X 3", fits nicely in shirt pocket) for low speed and high speed flight calculations.

Retail Price: $59.95 CDN


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