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Culhane Aviation Training Manuals


Aircraft Maintenance Publications

Advanced Composites by Cindy Foreman/Jeppesen

Advanced Composites

A detailed and well illustrated text covering advanced composites. Retail Price: $49.95 CDN





Aircraft Gas Turbine Powerplants - Text by Charles E. Otis and Peter A. Vosbury/Jeppesen

Aircraft Gas Turbine Powerplants - Text

A comprehensive and well-illustrated text covering history of turbine development, jet propulsion theory, turbine engine design and construction, engine familiarization, inspection and maintenance, lubrication systems, fuel systems, compressor anti-stall systems, antiicing systems, starter systems, ignition systems, engine instrument systems, fire detection and extinguishing systems, and engine operation. Includes glossary, index and some study questions. Approx. 400 pages, perfect bound. Retail Price: $99.95 CDN



Aircraft Gas Turbine Powerplants - Workbook by Charles E. Otis/Jeppesen

Aircraft Gas Turbine Powerplants - Workbook

A supplemental question/answer workbook for Aircraft Gas Turbine Powerplants. 190 pages, perfect bound. Retail Price: $29.95 CDN




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