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Culhane Aviation Training Manuals


Aircraft Maintenance Publications
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FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook

Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook

Covers generic information on aircraft mathematics, drawings, weight and balance, aircraft manuals, processes and tools, physics, electricity, ground operations, inspections and general requirements for aircraft maintenance. Perfect bound, approximately 500 pages, includes glossary. Retail Price: $69.95 CDN



Helicopter Maintenance by Jeppesen

Helicopter Maintenance - Text

This text is detailed with good illustrations covering most aspects of standard helicopter maintenance. Includes chapters on helicopters in use today, principles of flight, FAA documentation, helicopter fundamentals, main rotor system maintenance, mast and flight controls maintenance, main rotor tranmissions maintenance, powerplants, tail rotors and airframes/related systems maintenance. Includes glossary and index. Perfect bound, 341 pages. Retail Price: $74.95 CDN



Helicopter Maintenance - Study Guide by Joseph Schafer/Jeppesen

Helicopter Maintenance - Text

This is a supplemental study guide is a question/answer workbook to be used with Helcicopter Maintenance - Text. Includes glossary and index. Perfect bound, 126 pages. Retail Price: $29.95 CDN



Non-Destructive Testing for Aircraft by Douglas C. Latia/Jeppesen

Non-Destructive Testing for Aircraft

A good source of non-destructive testing methods widely used today in aircraft maintenance. Includes materials on liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, eddy current testing, ultrasonic testing and radiographic testing. Perfect bound, approximately 100 pages, includes glossary. Retail Price: $49.95 CDN



Regulatory Requirements for Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, by Michael J. Culhane, 2022 Revised Edition

Culhane AME Regs

This superb AME regs training text written by Canadian lawyer and AME regs instructor Michael J. Culhane ATPL BSc BA JD provides a comprehensive review of the relevant Canadian aviation regulations (CARs) and standards, along with other regulatory enactments (e.g. Aeronautics Act) that must be known in order to pass the Transport Canada AME Regulatory Requirements examination ("REGS" exam; often erroneously termed the "CARs for the AME exam" - The REGS exam covers much more than just the CARs). Part 1 of this training text provides comprehensive summaries of all relevant regulatory background subjects that are relevant to AME's in Canada, and Part 2 contains 10 realistic simulated Transport Canada AME regulatory requirements REGS sample exams. Perfect bound, 382 pages, indexed, internal cross references and references to source government legistation/regulations. 2022 Revised Edition. Retail Price: $99.95 CDN



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All contents (c) COPYRIGHT, Michael J. Culhane.