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Culhane Aviation Training Manuals


General Interest Training Publications - Page 3

Flight Theory for Pilots, 4th Ed. by Charles E. Dole

Flight Theory for Pilots

A complete and well written text covering theory of flight and aerodynamics. Covers the following subjects: Basic Definitions, Measurement of Airspeed and Airflow, Aerodynamic Forces on Aerofoils, Lift and Stall, Drag, Jet Aircraft Basic Performance, Jet Aircraft Applied Performance, Propeller Aircraft Basic Performance, Propeller Aircraft Applied Performance, Helicopter Aerodynamics, Hazards of Slow Speed Flight, Take-Off Performance, Landing Performance, Maneuvering Performance, Longitudinal Stability and Control, Directional and Lateral Stability and Control, High Speed Flight.

This text is well illustrated throughout and also contains many example problems with answers, along with an index and references. Perfect bound, approx. 300 pages.

Retail Price: $49.95 CDN


Fly the Wing by Jim Webb/ASA

Fly the Wing

An interesting and informative text covering jet transport aircraft operations.

Retail Price: $69.95 CDN



Gas Turbine Engines for Pilots and Mechanics by R. E. Birch/Jeppesen

Human Factors for General Aviation

A good presentation of principles of aircraft gas turbine engines. Colour illustrations.

Retail Price: $49.95 CDN



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