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Culhane Aviation Training Manuals


Flight Dispatcher Generic Training Course, 2024 Revised Edition, by Michael J. Culhane

Flight Dispatcher Generic Training Course




This specialized, comprehensive self-study course text contains all required subjects for the Transport Canada Flight Dispatcher Generic Written Exams and covers Aeroplane Flight Operations, Navigation General, Air Operator Rules, Regulations and Procedures, Flight Instruments, Large Aeroplane Engines and Systems, Theory of Flight and Aerodynamics, Meteorology and Human Factors. Filled with illustrations, chart extracts (in colour), exercises and complete, step-by-step instructions on complex subjects, all in a user-friendly format. This text has been written so as to provide all mandatory subjects from a SINGLE SOURCE REFERENCE, in plain English: those that use this course will avoid having to source dozens of obscure, hard to find and difficult-to-read secondary references and regulations. Subjects in our text are coded, internally cross referenced and indexed. Users that complete this self study course will have covered all mandatory subjects as stipulated in the current Transport Canada Flight Dispatcher Study and Reference Guide.

364 pages, perfect bound. ISBN 978-1-895801-58-3

Retail Price: $749.95 CDN

Flight Dispatcher Written Test Book, 2024 Revised Edition, by Michael J. Culhane

Flight Dispatcher Written Test Book

This testing supplement contains 12 sets of realistic sample examinations for the Flight Dispatcher Generic written exams: 6 exams on meteorology (FDMET), and 6 exams on the remaining other mandatory subjects (FDOPS). Designed as a supplement to our Flight Dispatcher Generic Training Course, these exams will permit users to develop an important secondary skill required to achieve a high score on the Transport Canada flight dispatcher writtens: test taking skills. All required chart extracts, performance data, tables, instructions and answer selection sheets are included. Those that complete the exams in this testing supplement after completing our self study course will be assured of strong results on the Transport Canada writtens.

260 pages, colour navigation chart extracts, perfect bound. ISBN 978-1-895801-59-1

Retail Price: $499.95 CDN

NOTE: In addition to our texts, those preparing for the Flight Dispatcher writtens will also need a flight computer: any standard E6B capable of high speed calculations, circular CR type computer, or electronic flight computer will suffice.


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Flight Dispatcher Generic Training Course, 2024 Ed., $749.95
Flight Dispatcher Written Test Book, 2024 Ed., $499.95

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Past/Expired Editions at Discounted Prices
NOTE: The following items are on clearance to make space for the new editions. Once sold out these expired texts will no longer be available. Quantities are limited.

Flight Dispatcher Generic Training Course, 2023 Edition ON SALE! $599.95
Flight Dispatcher Written Test Book, 2022 Edition ON SALE! $299.95
Flight Dispatcher Generic Training Course, 2019 Edition ON SALE! $299.95
Flight Dispatcher Written Test Book, 2019 Edition ON SALE! $239.95



FURTHER INFO! Complete details on the steps needed to become a flight dispatcher in Canada.




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All contents (c) COPYRIGHT, Michael J. Culhane.