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How to Become a Flight Dispatcher in Canada

To become a Flight Dispatcher in Canada, you must speak either English or French fluently. At the time of your application for a Canadian Flight Dispatcher certificate (with all training, examinations and competency check completed), you must be at least 21 years of age.

If you are not a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, you should confirm in advance whether you will need a visa to work in Canada, or whether you will need a student visa to study in Canada from the Canadian Government:

Work VIsa: www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/
Student Visa: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/study-canada.html

NOTE: We offer training manuals and online courses only - we are not a government approved "designated learning institution" so we cannot offer a letter of acceptance in support of your student visa application.

You must successfully pass the two Transport Canada Flight Dispatcher Generic Written Examinations FDOPS (80 questions, air law, procedures, operations, navigation general and flight planning) and FDMET (100 questions, meteorology) with a minimum score of at least 70%. The FD Generic examinations can be written at any TCCA testing centre for which an advance appointment must be made: www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/opssvs/general-exams-centres-2010.htm

At this time there is no specific fee that applies for sitting the FD Generic examinations.

To prepare for the FD Generic Examinations we recommend our Flight Dispatcher self study training manuals which contain everything needed to prepare for the FDOPS and FDMET examinations:


We also offer a Flight Dispatcher online course that you can use to supplement your self study with our training manuals.

The amount of study time needed to prepare for the FD Generic Exams varies widely depending upon the particular individual's background and experience: an airline pilot will need much less time than a person not having any aviation experience. However, anyone can sit the FD Generic Examinations without any need for an advance recommendation letter or other authorization, regardless of whether or not one has an aviation background. Typically, most who self study for the FD Generic Examinations typically require about 150 - 200 hours of self study using our training texts.

Once you have succeeded on the TC FD Generic examinations, you must then find employment with a Canadian air operator. We cannot help you with job finding but there are many air operators in Canada that need flight dispatchers throughout all regions of Canada. Once you are hired by an air operator, the air operator will provide you with Flight Dispatcher Specific Training.

At some stage you will also need to obtain an Aeronautical Restricted Radio Operator's Permit. This is necessary because as a flight dispatcher, you will be operating radio equipment. To obtain the radio operator's permit, you must succeed on either a written or an oral exam that is provided by an authorized radio inspector, or at an Industry Canada Office. Everything you will need to know for the purposes of the radio operator's permit is provided in our course text. The radio operator's permit exam is not difficult and once you obtain it, it is valid for the life of the holder. There is a small fee involved, which should be less than $100.

After completing the air operator's FD specific training program, and having obtained a restricted radio operator's permit, you must then succeed on a Flight Dispatcher Competency Check. The competency check is completed during an actual, real life shift so as to ensure you can handle the duties of a flight dispatcher in real life. If you pass the competency check, along with having succeeded on the examinations provided by the air operator during your air operator's flight dispatcher specific training program, you will then be issued with a Flight Dispatcher Certificate by Transport Canada that is valid only in Canada and only with the specific air operator where you are employed. To maintain the FD Certificate, you will need to successfully complete renewal FD competency checks on an annual basis.


Frequently Asked Questions

What examinations do I need to write to become a Flight Dispatcher in Canada?
You need to wrtie and successfully pass the TC FD Generic Examinations, FDOPS and FDMET, along with any examinations provided by the air operator during FD specific training. You must also pass the examination for the Canadian Restricted Radio Operator's Permit - Aeronautical. You must also succeed on a FD Competency Check with the air operator.

Do I need to do a complete full flight dispatcher course with an accredited training institution to become a flight dispatcher?
No complete course is needed, you can sit the exams whenever you want to on your own based on self study without ever having completed any formal course.

I already hold a FD certificate from a foreign jurisdiction, can I do a short conversion to meet the Canadian requirement?
You cannot do a short conversion of a foreign Flight Dispatcher certificate; you must complete all Canadian FD requirements including passing the FD generic examinations, successful completion of air operator FD specific course and successfully pass a FD competency check, regardless of your existing background.

How does the process go and what is the duration?
The process goes pretty well if you use our training texts. How much time it takes to prepare for the TC FD Generic Exams depends on your background. For a person with some aviation experience, such as holding a PPL or CPL pilot licence, it will generally take 1 - 3 months based on self study. It typically takes 3 - 6 months for a person with no aviation background to succeed on the TC Flight Dispatcher Generic examinations based on self study with our training products.

Do you provide a certificate after completing your online course and texts?
No, we don't provide a certificate, we only provide a sales receipt/invoice. The official Flight Dispatcher Certificate is provided by Transport Canada following successful completion of the TC FD Generic Exams, Air Operator Specific Training Program, FD Competency Check and Restricted Radiotelephone Operator's Permit.

What is the fee for your online course?
The cost for our online course will depend on the course duration period you purchase, along with which texts you order and whether you order a flight computer as well. Here is a link for details on the various ordering options: Flight Dispatcher Online Course

Is it mandatory that I take your online course, or can I study with just your texts alone?
You can study with just our texts alone, our online course is supplemental and optional.

Do I need to be in Canada physically or can I write the FD Generic examinations online from another country?
You must be in Canada physically to sit the FD Generic examinations at a TC testing centre. You cannot take them online at this time.

What kind of VISA do you provide for coming over to Canada to study for the FD generic examinations, and does that VISA allow me to work full time? Can you assist me in getting a Canadian work VISA?
We don't provide any VISA assistance. You should check with the Canadian government directly for VISA requirements using the links that we have provided above.

When is your next batch of trainees likely to start?
We have no batches of trainees. Our self study training manuals and online course can be started whenever you want.

Do you assist in accommodation and transport facilities?
We don't offer these services. When using our FD training products, you study from your own location.

Do you provide job assistance after completion of the study?
No, we don't offer job finding services: securing employment as a Flight Dispatcher will be up to you.

How is the Canadian job market in terms of Flight Dispatcher vacancies?
The job market for flight dispatchers fluctuates and generally follows the overall strength of the economy and in particular the aviation sector: if the economy is strong and airlines are expanding, your prospects will be very good. if you are willing to relocate to various locations in Canada, your prospects for securing employment will be improved.

What is your success rate in terms of passing the FD Generic Exams using your study products?
Our success rate is very good but at the end of the day it is you yourself that must study hard so as to be fully prepared: those using our study products will find them to be very helpful towards their goal of mastering these examinations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!




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