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Authorized Distributors, Culhane Training Products

The following firms are authorized distributors of Culhane training products that resell our products to flying schools and pilot shops at discounted prices and carry all currently available Culhane training manuals and logbooks:

Accelerated Aviation Training - Wholesale Division
Unit 130, 5980 Miller Road, Vancouver International Airport BC, Ph. 604-279-0179.

Calgary Pilot Supply/Pilotshop.ca
435 McTavish Rd NE, Calgary International Airport AB, Ph. 403-296-0096.
Website: www.pilotshop.ca




New Dealers: Culhane Training Manuals

We welcome orders from new dealers! Currently, a multitude of Canadian pilots are using Culhane aviation training manuals throughout all levels of fixed wing and rotary wing training, from student pilot to ATPL. Adding our Canadian aviation industry's ultimate line of pilot training manuals to your product line will generate additional customer traffic, enhance sales, and will increase your numbers of satisfied customers. In addition to keeping our line up-to-date, we offer volume discounts on all levels of orders along with an annual rebate to insure your inventory will be kept current. Click here for complete information on becoming an authorized reseller!


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