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Private Pilot Seminar

This is an intensive two day seminar for the PPL Aeroplane written. Our focus will be on preparing the candidate for the written and the candidate should only be attending this course for purposes of final review i.e. those just commencing training or that have not yet soloed should NOT be attending this course because they will likely have difficulty keeping up with the pace of the seminar.

Course Fee
$650.00, plus training texts, supplies and GST/HST (course fee is reduced to $550.00 plus GST/HST if current course texts are purchased at time of seminar registration).

Seminar Texts
For purposes of our seminar, students are required to have our Culhane Private Pilot and Recreational Pilot Ground School Course, current edition and our Culhane Private Pilot and Recreational Pilot Written Test Book, current edition, which are not included in basic course fee. Pre-study in advance of the seminar is recommended. No other publications or references will be needed for the purposes of completing our seminar.


Day 1: 0900 - 1700.
0900 - 1000: Air Law.
1000 - 1015: Coffee break.
1015 - 1200: Air Law.
1200 - 1300: Lunch break.
1300 - 1430: Engines, Airframes, Systems, Theory of Flight.
1430 - 1500: Flight Instruments, Flight Operations.
1500 - 1515: Coffee break.
1515 - 1700: Flight Operations, Human Factors.

Day 2: 0900 - 1700.
0900 - 1000: Meteorology: weather theory.
1000 - 1015: Coffee break.
1015 - 1200: Meteorology: weather reports, forecasts and charts.
1200 - 1300: Lunch break.
1300 - 1500: Navigation: principles of navigation, VFR/IFR charts.
1500 - 1515: Coffee Break.
1515 - 1700: Navigation: radio navigation aids and operation.

Upcoming Course Dates

Seminar Registrations

NOTE: Under Canadian tax law, fees spent for exam prep seminars are not eligible for tuition fee tax deductions and as such we cannot issue tuition fee tax receipts. Our seminars should be considered as private tutoring services only.

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