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If I attend one of your seminars, can I repeat the same seminar at no charge (or for a reduced price) at a later date? No. We are sorry but our fees cover only one sitting. Those wishing to repeat one of our seminars should re-register at our normal fee.

I have registered and paid for one of your seminars, but I can't make it. Can I postpone attendance and hold my registration for the next scheduled seminar? Yes. Provided that you give us at least 24 hours notice, we will be pleased to transfer your registration to the next available seminar date.

Will you be giving us the "actual" current Transport Canada examination questions in your course? No. The actual questions are not made available to the public by Transport Canada. We have authored our own questions that are similar in terms of the subject material as based on the current Study and Reference Guides, level of difficulty and style of presentation that will greatly assist in getting prepared to succeed on Transport Canada exam questions.

If I attend one of your seminars, will you guarantee that I will pass my Transport Canada written? No. While we will do our very best to provide quality instruction, we cannot offer any guarantee that students will pass their TC writtens because actual test performance ultimately depends on the individual. We can certainly give our assurances that those that complete our progam and do the required study should have no difficulty passing their written exam.

Do you have a good track record in terms of success rates on Transport Canada writtens for those completing your seminars? Yes.

Besides your Culhane training manuals, do you recommend that I review any other texts or references in advance of taking one of your seminars? No. While there are a host of secondary references that would be great "fireside reading" for general interest or professional advancement, for the purpose of preparing for the Transport Canada written, you will only need the relevant Culhane ground school course manual and supplemental written test book.

Myself and some friends would like to set up a custom seminar. Do you offer this? Yes. We would be pleased to offer a custom seminar from our seminar facility at your preference - as long as the course you wish is one that we normally offer and we can find mutually suitable dates, and the number of proposed participants would be such that it would be economically viable, we would be pleased to set this up based on our standard rates.

Can I use your Private Pilot/Commercial Pilot seminar in place of CARs mandatory ground school attendance at my flying school/flying club? Yes, indirectly based on self study times using our texts with the approval of your primary flying school. Many flying schools use our training manuals and are usually very helpful in ensuring that your ground school record meets CARs requirements by including home study using our training manuals. But we are not an authorized flying school so we cannot directly certify any training records or issue recommendations.

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