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Seminars: General Info - Cont.


Our "Once Every Month" Seminar Dates Policy

We schedule every one of our seminars at least once per calendar month. That means that our student customers can rest assured each of our seminars will be available in any given month of the year (all seminars are subject to minimum enrollment and will not proceed in cases of low demand).

Our "Eight is Enough" Maximum Enrollment Policy

In the interests of offering quality, individual-focused instruction to our students, we have a limit of 8 students per seminar. We believe that large numbers of students at a seminar detracts from the learning experience: our "eight is enough" policy ensures ideal student-instructor interaction. Given this seating limit we recommend that students register well in advance of a given seminar so as to ensure reserving an available spot. Once we reach our class size limit for a given seminar, we will not accept further registrations and students interested in completing our seminar would have to register for the next available scheduled seminar.

Student Postponements, Cancellations and Refund Policy

Students may re-schedule attendance to any future scheduled seminar date without penalty, space permitting, provided that we are given at least 24 hours notice in advance of the original seminar date. For student cancellations, we will refund in full advance registration fees paid for any student that wishes to cancel a seminar registration, regardless of the student's reason for cancellation, provided that we have received the original texts in new, unopened condition in their original shrink wrapping and provided that we are given at least 24 hours advance notice of the student cancellation.

Customer Parking

We provide free customer parking fronting our training centre.

Smoking Policy

Our training centre is a non-smoking facility, however, smokers are welcome to smoke in the parking lot outside our training centre.

Dress Code

We don't have any form of mandatory dress code for those attending our seminars and casual attire is perfectly acceptable.

Cell Phones/Pagers, Telephones

We ask that our students please turn off thier cell phone ringers, pagers/beepers etc. while our seminars are underway so as not to disturb others. Students are welcome to use our in-house telephone on a complimentary basis for local or brief long distance calls.

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