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Ordering Information

All of our products can be purchased 24/7 from our online store. Payment can be made via credit card: we accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. We do not accept personal cheques/money orders and we do not offer COD service.

Our products can also be purchased at our training centre and pilot shop at Vancouver International Airport: we are located near the main YVR Airport terminal complex at Unit 130 - 5980 Miller Road, YVR International Airport, Richmond BC (in the vicinity of the Air Canada hangars and directly across from the "Sea Island Centre" SkyTrain station on the Canada Line). Our pilot shop is open to the general public from 2 PM - 6 PM Monday through Saturday (we are closed Sundays and statutory holidays). Free parking is provided in front of our facility.

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Orders can also be made via telephone at 604-279-0179.

Our "Culhane" aviation training manuals may also be ordered from many flight training schools and clubs, aviation bookstores and pilot supply distributors that carry our products as authorized Culhane dealers.

Culhane Dealers: our dealers section of this website provides complete information for those businesses or individuals interested in re-selling our products as an authorized dealer.

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